The autobiography of nicolae ceausescu


18 DEC / 20:15

This epic documentary covers 25 years in the life of Romanian Communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu and is made exclusively of original archival footage selected from over 1,000 hours of state propaganda media material. The grandiose imagery employed by the delusional megalomaniac dictator is re-appropriated by Ujica and edited into a new-angle perspective: what did Ceausescu think of Ceausescu?

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu is part of Ujica’s masterful trilogy about the fall of the Communist regime in Eastern Europe.

“Who knew that three hours of coarsely edited Romanian state propaganda culled from the ruinous Ceausescu era between 1965 and 1989 could be so transfixing, illuminating and haunting? Andrei Ujica’s extraordinary film eschews context and narration in a wry attempt to fashion a historical chronicle in the same dubiously subjective spirit that the footage was initially conceived.”

(5/5 stars)

– Time Out London


Title: The autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu / Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceausescu

Directed by: Andrei Ujica

Documentary, Biography / 2010 / 180’ / RO, EN spoken / EN subtitles