Spotlight: Romania #4 film & CELEBRATION

SPOTLIGHT: ROMANIA  returns in December at De Nieuwe Regentes theater in The Hague with a very special fourth edition. A massive day of ⚡️C E L E B R A T I O N ⚡️Romanian style followed by three evenings of arthouse films  for all those fine cinematheque lovers out there. Keep an eye on this space for the final programme and the start of online ticket sale.

01 DEC


10:00 - 23:00


All day Centenary Celebration day: workshops for children, documentaries for families and adults, Romanian catering, more amazing films the Romanian X-mas market and a book café by our friends from Rompro, and a funky dance PARTY with Discotecă and the one and only Stela Enache! ⚡️

04 DEC



in Memoriam lucian pintilie: An unforgettable summer

Oscar nominee Kristin Scott Thomas plays aristocrat Marie-Thérèse Von Debretsy who leads her family down a dark and dangerous path on the frontier between Bulgaria and Romania where their relationship and humanity are severely tested.

11 DEC




A classical movie-about-a-movie, SEQUENCES intertwines the lives of the film crew members with the lives of the filmed characters, building-up from no apparent conflict towards a vibrant drama.

18 DEC



the autobiography of nicolae cEAUSESCU

This epic documentary covers 25 years in the life of Romanian Communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu and was made from over 1,000 hours of original archival footage. The grandiose propaganda of a delusional leader is woven into a compelling story by the power of witty montage.

On December the 1st we are celebrating the Romanian Centenary and we invite you all to spend this day together. It will be a Saturday filled with films and documentaries, workshops for children, a special X-mas market organised by our friends from RomPro, Romanian food and… a very funky party: Discoteca feat. the one and only Stela Enache.

Spotlight: Romania is a showcase for contemporary Romanian cinema taking place every year in The Hague. With each edition we aim to reveal other angles of the creative and vibrant nowadays Romania. This fourth edition of the festival starts with a Spotlight: Romania on tour in Rotterdam, followed by FILM & CELEBRATION on December the 1st at De Nieuwe Regentes. A special film & arts programme follows on 4, 11 and 18 December also at the Nieuwe Regentes theater: three evenings of arthouse films  for all those fine cinematheque lovers out there.