Discoteca feat. the one and only Stela Enache


At Spotlight: Romania, Discotecă presents  a star shining bright since the 70s: the one and only Stela Enache. Her songs for the 1986 movie The Graduates (Liceenii) soundtracked the youth of various generations. Elegance and pure glam define her now as much as they did back in the day, with her musical career still filling venues all over Romania.

Initiated in 2013, the Discotecă project reconnects a fascinating and lesser-known musical history with the contemporary club experience. The Romanian dance and pop music of the previous decades, particularly that of communist times, is brought back to today’s audiences. During the Discoteca shows, pop stars from the 70’s onwards sing alongside DJ sets. The events are comprised of music and video projections, scenography and vintage technologies. In this way they completely reimagine and give a new life to schlager music.  

Discotecă feat. Stela Enache at TIFF 2015

Discotecă feat. Stela Enache at TIFF 2015