EASTWARDS is a foundation based in the Hague focused on making contemporary Eastern European art and culture known to the public in the Netherlands. The first Eastwards project started back in 2015 with Spotlight: Romania, the first Romanian film festival in the Netherlands. The idea behind this festival is to combine two artistic disciplines each year, exploring how different mediums collaborate and complement each other in order to reveal how fresh and vibrant contemporary Romania is.

Eastwards organises cultural events such as festivals, exhibitions, creative workshops, debates and other activities in the field of contemporary art and culture.

One of the goals of the foundation is to expand its focus to Eastern Europe more generally.


Corina Burlacu - director & programming

Patricia Nistor - programming & branding

Simona Constantin - production & film alliance coordination

Stefana Cozan - PR & communication

Ewelina Pawlowska - event production

Anastassia Dalcolmo - event production

Ilinca Prahoveanu - community manager

Aileen Ye - hospitality & merchandising


Corina Burlacu

Bianca Olivia Nita

Ioana Biris

Andreea Dumitriu


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